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    MOCA-Ⅱ powder
    MOCA-ⅡA granule

    Binhai Xingguang Chemical Co., Ltd. , formerly Suzhou Wuxian Xingguagn Chemical Co., Ltd. founded in 1990, is specialized in the manufacture of 2-chloroaniline、polyurethane rubber vulcanizing agent
    MOCA. The company is located in Yanhai Chemical Park in Binhai County,
    Yancheng, Jiangsu, China, with occupied floor area of 30000m2, and annual
    production capacity of 5000 tons. We are now one of the largest domestic
    manufacturers of MOCA.

    Upholding the tenet of "Quality is Life", we have established wide range of cooperation with various domestic renowned universities and research institutes, and keep innovating production techniques and equipments, expanding production, enhancing employees' quality and promoting competitiveness, which make our "Xingguang" brand MOCA 2-chloroaniline very famous products.

    In recent years, we have further optimized product mix and improve product quality to meet the rising environmental requirements and the changing needs of both the domestic and overseas markets. With our proprietary technologies, we have developed MOCA granules, which have been put into the markets and well received among users. Sticking to the principle of "Quality First, Customer Foremost", we sincerely welcome the cooperation of friends home and abroad for common development.

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